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Covert Caps are ideal for;

Sneaking alcohol into concerts

Sneaking alcohol on cruises

Sneaking alcohol into Nascar races

and sneaking alcohol into ball games!

You can now sneak alcohol in to any event that allows factory sealed water bottles to be brought in. Bring in liquor the EASY way and STOP paying for OVER PRICED drinks.

Sneak Alcohol in a water bottle!

Covert Caps are very simple to use. Just buy a water bottle, remove the cap, empty contents, refill with any clear liquor and then “factory seal” the bottle by screwing a Covert Cap on and you are ready to sneak alcohol.

Covert Caps are designed to work perfectly with many leading water bottle brands, including Great-Choice (Wal-Mart), Sams Club, Poland Spring, Saratoga, Cumberland Farms.

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As they say, “The Proof is in the Alcohol .Read what others have to say about our Covert Caps!


“Hey Covert Caps,

Just used your Covert Caps on a cruise to Ensenada Mexico. The caps worked GREAT! Thanks so much!

Attached are two pics, hopefully they come out looking good on your end.

One pic shows four covert cap ‘water’ bottles (two vodka and two patron tequila) and one real factory sealed water bottle. The real water is in the middle, the tequila which is slightly yellow is on the outside.”

-Adam from Redondo Beach, California

liquer brought on a cruise

female sneaking alcohol onto a cruise

Molly from Tallahassee, Florida says

Carissa from Catskill, New York says

Jeremy from Warrensburg, New York says

Robert from Petaluma, California says

Carol from Lewis County, Kentucky says

Anthony and Cindi from the 518, New York say

Peter from SanJose, California say


What are you waiting for? Now you can sneak alcohol on a cruise, sneak alcohol into a concert and you can sneak alcohol in any where factory sealed water bottles are allowed.

Watch How Easy It Is To Sneak Alcohol Into A Concert Using Covert Caps!

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